Self Adhesive Tape Solutions

Protection and clarity is improved by the quality of sealing method. Confidence of packaging is based on the quality of the packaging tapes. “Accura” brand adhesive tape is reputed as the best quality packaging solution in industries seeking for standards.   “Your Trusted Partner in Quality “     + read more...

Paper Solutions

Western Paper Industries (Pvt) Ltd satisfies their customers by matching their paper requirements through converting process. We believe paper is not only a bond of fibers, it is an unbelievable creation by human to draw their dreams, to make them a reality as paper related or non related product, we provide papers for you to make your dreams true.     + read more...

Paper Core Solutions

High Quality paper based tubes, Canisters, Paper Spools, Bended cores and advanced paper related products developed by Western Paper Industries with its superior technology and industrial experience. On the requirements of the customer our papers, adhesives, machinery, labour, technology and systems are all customized to deliver best paper product to meet customers need.         + read more...

Printing Solutions

  WPI Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd is now providing one of the best quality printing solutions, to different industries in Sri Lanka and other countries. Advanced technology and experienced team in our company is back by experts in the printing industry ensure that our customers success by supplying their requirements.       + read more...

Sticker Solutions

WPI Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd is in a unique position in that, it is the only manufacturer in Sri Lanka for sticker papers. Silicon coating, Poly coating, Adhesive coating and converting technology reinforce the quality of customer focused sticker products. WPI Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd is enriched with all above mentioned capacity and more to deliver high quality stickers in many varities.     + read more...


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