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Numbering Stickers

WPI Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd has became one of the total solution provider for numbering sticker. We have the most suitable stickers, numbering machines coupled with highly efficient after sales service for the machine. A variety of numbering stickers of WPI Syndicate can be used different material in different processes in the garment industry. Our experienced R & D and production teams always make the effort to understanding customers’ requirement before the stickers are produced. We provide two different adhesive based for numbering process and many different stickers with different adhesion power base on the fabric layer attributes. We have nine standard colors but we have the option to supply any color on customer demand.

  • HM 2:- Suitable for Cotton Fabric
  • HM 3:- Suitable for Cotton & Other Fabric.
  • HM 4:- Suitable for Cotton, Woolen & Other Fabric
  • HM :- Suitable for Cotton, Silk, Woolen & Other Fabric.
  • AC 2:- Suitable for General fabric. Especially for silk, Can apply for fusing
  • AC 3:- Suitable for General Fabric .Especially for silk, Silky Cotton, Siphon
  • AC 4:- Suitable for General Fabric .Especially for silk, Silky Cotton, Siphon
Note: AC stickers are highly suitable for numbering process that are used under fusing operation & any kind of heating processes.
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